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Bombardier CEO confident Airbus deal will resolve Boeing trade row

BOMBARDIER Bombardier CEO confident Airbus deal will resolve Boeing trade row Open this photo in gallery: A Bombardier C Series aircraft is displayed at the Singapore Airshow in this file photo. EDGAR SU/REUTERS PAUL WALDIE EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENT 37 MINUTES AGO OCTOBER 17, 2017 Bombardier Inc.'s chief executive has expressed confidence that the deal to sell control of the C Series aircraft division to Airbus Group SE will resolve the trade dispute with Boeing Co. The agreement with Airbus could see some C Series aircraft assembled at its plant in Alabama. That would skirt duties of nearly 300 per cent that the United States government is threatening to impose on C Series imports because of a complaint by Chicago-based Boeing that Bombardier has received substantial government assistance and is selling the planes at "absurdly low" prices. "Assembly in the U.S. can resolve the issue," Bombardier's CEO Alain Belle

iPhone buying guide 2017

Which iPhone should I buy has always been a tricky question, because Apple still sells older models of its iPhone at a lower price. Plus, there are screen sizes and storage options to consider. Now, Apple has complicated things even further by launching three new phones at once: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and all-new iPhone X. Here, we talk you through each of the phones available to buy from Apple, to help you decide which is best for you. We’ll discuss price, specs and features of all eight models, and you should leave feeling much more confident that you’re about to make the right decision about which iPhone to buy. First, we’ll list all eight models so you know what your options are. We’ll start with the newest and most expensive, and take you right back to the older and cheaper models Model Release date Storage options Prices View on Apple's website Skip ahead to find out more iPhone X 03/11/2017 64GB; 256GB £999; £1,149 Apple Store More details iPhone 8 Plus 22/09/2