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THE FEED Alongside everything else that went wrong this month, another  super serious  problem that left us all reeling was the VSCO update. For the uninitiated, VSCO is a widely popular editing App, and totally relied upon by those of us that take Instagram far too seriously to meticulously plan how our feeds look. A few weeks ago, VSCO updated their App completely, and the function that allowed us to check how well our ‘grid’ matched up was gone. Cue widespread blogger panic. I told you it was serious. I felt a bit like I’d had a limb cut off. How could I make sure my breakfast snaps were well-balanced with my #ootds? After a frantic phone call or two with  Reem , and a few delirious tweets, it was time to hunt down an alternative. I thought I’d share the three that I tried and let you know how I got on, just in case you’re still struggling for total feed-perfection in life post- VSCO . PLANOLY Planoly is an extremely feature-rich App for planning your posts. Alongsi

New rumor claims iPhone 8 is hiding a fingerprint sensor

New rumor claims iPhone 8 is hiding a fingerprint sensor, but not where we thought  variety of iPhone 8 rumors emerged over the weekend, talking about  wireless charging  as well as  new color options , while a video showed us a  hands-on preview of an iPhone 8  dummy unit. On top of that, we also have a questionable rumor from Asia that supposedly reveals a few interesting tidbits about the iPhone 8, including the phone’s name and an unexpected location for the fingerprint sensor.  We might refer to Apple’s hottest 2017 iPhone as the iPhone 8 when talking about it, but that’s probably not going to be the phone’s official name. iPhone Plus is not what we’d expect Apple to call it because it already uses the Plus moniker for the 5.5-inch iPhone. Think about it, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone Plus sounds silly, doesn’t it? That’s one reason why this  Weibo rumor  seems questionable — though it’s worth noting that no one is sure that the other two models will be calle