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final cut pro

“When I’m playing back an edit for a director, they’ll say, ‘Okay, let’s go and make those changes I talked about.’ I’ll say, ‘Oh, no, they’re already done,’ and we’ll jump back and watch it again. People can’t believe that I’ve magically done the change before we even finish playback.” Editor Thomas Grove Carter From an open creative space in East London, Trim Editing develops bold messaging for the biggest brands, including Audi, Nike, Adidas, Guinness, and Perrier. Their work has earned critical acclaim, highlighted by the ingenious interactive Honda spot  The Other Side  that won numerous awards including two Cannes Lions and the prestigious Creative Circle Gold of Golds. And their projects are viewed across the world, including the hugely popular 2015 holiday ad for John Lewis department stores that has been seen over 24M times online. Yet Trim’s home is miles from the bustling film-business hub of Soho. With just a few edit suites, seven editors, and off-the-shelf hardware a