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Captain America: Civil War is good but not marvellous

Captain America: Civil War has arrived trailing such critical acclaim it’s as if Elizabeth Olsen’s✓ Scarlet Witch has taken control of reviewers’ minds (“You will give it five stars or you will never be invited to a Marvel movie again”). This third Captain America movie is far from the best ever Marvel movie, as certain hyperventilating reviewers have anointed it. But it does feature arguably the best ever scene to leap from the rapidly expanding Marcel Cinematic Universe. There are no aliens pouring through a wormhole or a city being lifted into the stratosphere. This searing sequence simply involves the warring Avengers leaders Captain America and Iron Man fighting in a lonely lair, a slugfest of startling intensity sparked by shocking revelations concerning Tony Stark’s long-dead parents. Indeed, there are several such moments when Civil War achieves a refreshing gravitas and maturity, with directors Anthony and Joe Russo pushing the Bourne-style grit and urgency