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5 reasons to visit 'The Gates of Hell'

5 reasons to visit 'The Gates of Hell' (CNN) The coast surrounding the Namib Desert is so inhospitable that Portuguese sailors once referred to it as "The Gates of Hell." A brutal, inhospitable environment, the Skeleton Coast has claimed many ships and many lives over the years. However, this once dreaded land has now become an unlikely tourist destination. Here's five reasons why you should make the place your travel destination for 2016 Superhero animals The harsh desert stretches out more than 30,000 square miles and receives less than .4 inches of rain per year. It's a tough place to be a tourist -- and that's with a 4x4 and supplies on hand. Now imagine being an animal and calling the place home. And yet many do. From lions to elephants, the extreme climate has not deterred some of nature's finest beasts, though many have had to adapt to survive. Dr. Philip Stander, a zoolo